Spring Fashion Trends to Shop Now: A Guide from Paris and New York Fashion Weeks

Spring Fashion Trends to Shop Now: A Guide from Paris and New York Fashion Weeks

With the recent wrap-up of both Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, we've gotten a clear glimpse of what's to come. This year, the runways were a testament to the industry's ongoing love affair with bold statements, nostalgic revivals, and the art of layering. Here's your ultimate guide for what trends to start shopping, and how to style them with tights, ensuring you nail all of the spring fashion trends this year. 

Burgundy: Leather or Latex

A standout colour this season is burgundy, particularly in leather or latex materials. This rich colour has been showcased in various forms, from flashy pants and skirts to eye catching blazers. To transition this trend into spring, pair a burgundy leather skirt or burgundy blazer paired with a black dress/skirt with a pair of black tights. This not only adds a layer of warmth on cooler days but also brings a sophisticated edge to your outfit. 

Coquette / Girlhood Core

The coquette or girlhood core trend embraces all things feminine and playful. Think ruffles, lace, pastel colours and of course, bows! Styling this trend with tights can be a fun way to play with textures and layers. Opt for a nude tight to add a polished element under a lace skirt or a ruffled dress, or a black tight to make the look a little more sophisticated. This trend is all about embracing femininity, so pair your outfits with delicate ballet flats or strappy heels to complete the look.

Statement Belts

Belts have made a major comeback, with the runways showcasing them in various widths and styles. Use a statement belt to cinch the waist of an oversized blazer or to add interest to a simple dress. When pairing with tights, consider the visual balance of your outfit. A bold belt can serve as the centrepiece, so keep your tights simple and understated to avoid overwhelming the look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are once again owning the fashion scene, with everything leopard and cheetah making an appearance on the runway this season. To style animal prints with tights, choose a print piece as your outfit's focal point, such as an animal print skirt or dress. Pair with solid-coloured tights in black or a skin-tone matching colour to let the print shine.

Sheer Slips + Overlays

Sheer slips and overlays offer a fun play on transparency and layering, revealing a hint of what's beneath. To style this trend for spring, layer a sheer slip dress over a contrasting colour for a bold statement and pair with nude or black tights. This trend is all about playing with visibility, so have fun with the colour combinations.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are making a significant return this spring, offering a comfortable yet chic and feminine footwear option. They're the perfect complement to virtually any outfit, from the coquette dresses to the more basic looks with jeans. Choose a pair in a fun colour like red or silver to add a cute pop to your look.

Hot Pants

Finally, hot pants are back, challenging the conventions of spring fashion with their daringly short lengths. Style them with sheer tights to add a layer of intrigue, or opaque tights for a little more modesty.  

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