The Pleasure Is All Ours | An Interview With Founder Of Epiphany, Kelly Pigeon

The Pleasure Is All Ours | An Interview With Founder Of Epiphany, Kelly Pigeon

Kelly Pigeon discovered a category of products called clit arousal serums in a boardroom of all places. While working at Johnson & Johnson, she heard her colleague talking about the launch of a product that would give women a clit-stimulated orgasm with just a few drops (and the usual manual or toy stimulation). Intrigued, she gave it a try, which she described to be "a game changer"!

After recognizing the potential for this product category, she set out to create an exceptional version of this type of product. 25 iterations of the product and a year later, the Epiphany Clit Arousal Serum is now available on the market. We had the opportunity to ask the Founder, Kelly, some questions and we wanted to share her insight with you.

In an industry that is so focused on the male experience, did you have to deal with any social barriers when communicating what you wanted to do in the space?

I was so worried that straight men would see using Epiphany as a threat to their masculinity if it was used during partnered sex. It's been a real surprise that about half of the pre-orders we've received are from men! I thought for sure we'd have to convince men that when their partner is at a 9/10 it's a better time for everyone involved - but actually, there are plenty of men who are eager to find new ways to pleasure their partner.

How does your product differ from everything else in the market?

We made the Epiphany Arousal Serum so that it's not potent, and not totally neutral: it's just right. There are some arousal serums where you can just smell that they dumped a bunch of menthol into a lube, and I've found those can be too much for me. Others just feel like a basic lube with a little bit of a warming sensation. The Epiphany Arousal Oil uses derivatives from menthol and a gentler substitute of a spice component. It has a really nice warming sensation, and just enough tingle and spice to really ignite your sexual desire.

What has been the best part about launching your business?

Hands down, getting to work with the kindest, smartest, most daring people. It literally takes a village to raise a business baby, and I am in love with my village. Specifically, my brand strategy and design from Design of Brand (, my communications agency Daly (, and other entrepreneurs who have been incredible supporters like Jesse Frampton from Fuzz Waxbar and Xenia from here at Threads!

Do you think larger corporations are starting to understand the demand for sexual arousal products for women?

Coming from a large corporation, I can tell you that most of the time they look at what has been big business in the past, and focus their resources for the future on those same products and categories. But it creates a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who see the world in the future is actually different from the past, and can help drive the change.

After doing so much research to create Epiphany, what are some facts you came across that lead you dumbfounded?

This could be about the sexual arousal/health industry or products that turned out to be harmful to women. It feels like culture is moving toward more openness around sexual wellness - but institutions are way behind. Anything sex related - even sexual health and wellbeing, is blocked as inappropriate by Google. On social media platforms you have to dance around the "real" words you want to use so you don't get blocked (lots of discussions about "corn" on TikTok...). Whenever I ask ChatGPT about anything to do with sex, it makes me feel like an absolute pervert. Many institutional invetors also won't touch sex (and bucket it with nafarious goods like weaponry, etc.).

What advice would you give someone looking to break into the industry?

There's so much opportunity in women's health! The peri-menopause space and menopause space have a ton of exciting, and much needed innovation. Fertility, pre-natal, and post-natal care are all really important moments that requrie very specific care that many women just aren't getting yet. As women we are experts in our own bodies and experiences, and that's a powerful place to start.

Where can we find Epiphany? or at any Fuzz Waxbar location across the GTA.

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