Our Story

Our Story

Threads was born from my personal frustrations with the tights & hosiery shopping experience. Working in finance, they were a work wardrobe staple for me, yet I struggled to find a brand that was both high quality and affordable. Turns out a lot of the brands we’ve been buying from have used the same machines and patterns for the last several decades with little to no innovation. 

In 2018, we set out to change this by launching our first pair of tights (the beloved Sheer Contour), designed thoughtfully with input from over 200 real people with the intention of solving your hosiery pain points. We’ve since branched out to other products in wardrobe intimates, but our mission remains the same: we’re here to give you quality, affordability, and a great product that looks good and feels good.

Xenia Chen


Gender Inclusivity

We believe fashion is gender agnostic. Everyone is welcome at Threads. All our products are unisex and are loved by both men and women.

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We work closely with our factory, control our distribution and use as little packaging as possible to optimize savings that are ultimately passed onto you. The result? A product that is as comfortable on your wallet as it is on you.

Our Business Model

Designed with help from you.

Comfort is everything to us. Every product we bring to market is designed using the feedback and input from hundreds of real people, to ensure what we're putting out meets (and exceeds) your expectations. All of our products have differentiated features that solve your pain points and fit your lifestyle.

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