You deserve better (tights).

You deserve better (tights).

High quality tights at an affordable price.
Made in Italy. Without the middleman.

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  • On your own schedule

We love a good plan.

We get it - you have a million things to do. Remembering to stock up on tights shouldn't be one of them. Let us do the work for you. We'll send you a monthly shipment of tights to your doorstep.

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What others are saying:

  • I've tried pretty much every tights out there and these are by FAR the most comfortable pair of tights ive ever owned.. I've been wearing the one pair for almost a month now pretty much every day, and they now finally have a run in them! ( I'm still wearing them bc it's on the foot) I can't stand wearing tights bc they dig into my stomach, and these ones don't!!! I've never reviewed anything before but these tights are amazing!

    Kaitlyn N. from Canada

  • All I can say is.. "where have these been all my life?!" I've struggled my entire life to find tights that are the perfect length (I'm 5'8) without being too baggy. These Threads tights are bang on - great length, not too sheer, not too thick, and extremely high quality. The tights came beautifully packaged and arrived quickly. I cannot recommend Threads enough. :) 10/10!

    Connie L. from Canada

  • I was never a fan of control-top pantyhose so at first I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a pair of Threads. However after reading all of the reviews and seeing several from other men, I decided I would purchase a pair and see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Threads control-top is like a constant comforting hug as opposed to the usual compression squeeze of other brands. The legs of the hosiery are silky and durable. I've washed and worn my pair at least a half a dozen times and they still seem brand new. I definitely be purchasing more Threads in the future!

    Alan P. from United States

  • I like to believe I am a connoisseur of hosiery and I must say the these tights are wonderful. They offer exceptional value and provide the same qualities of excellence as high end, high priced brands. Over the years I have tried almost every brand made. This hosiery experience is amazing. When you slide them up your leg you can feel the quality and luxury of the yarns. They feel silky and sensuous and definitely set the tone for your day or evening. I highly recommend that you try these tights and I am certain that you will return for more just as I have. Try these tights, you will not regret it.

    Rhonda L. from United States

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