I’m New To Threads. What Should I Get?

I’m New To  Threads. What Should I Get?

If you’re new here, welcome! It’s so nice to have you here as part of our community. Threads was born in 2018 with a mission to provide high quality, comfortable wardrobe staples. We started off with tights & hosiery and since then, we’ve branched out to solve other wardrobe challenges as well! If you’re not quite sure what to get and feel a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities, this blog post should help you out. We will be going through some of our bestsellers and talking a bit more in depth about each item and its features. If you still have questions at the end of this post, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@yourthreads.co - we’d be happy to help!

Sheer Contour

It would be wrong if we started off with something other than our Sheer Contour tights. This was the first pair of tights we launched back in 2018 and has become a bestseller through the years. We like to call these “the perfect pair of sheer tights”. At 20 denier and coming in 5 colors, these tights are versatile and truly the workhorse tight of our collection, as you can wear them day to night. One of our community’s favorite features about these tights is our contoured control top. Now for many of you control top haters out there, we get it - you have good reason to dislike control tops as so many out there are too tight, too constrictive, and not flattering enough. We designed our control top to have light compression bands that are targeted to the areas you actually want control and lift in other areas (like your bum). The result is a comfortable, subtle hug. The nude shades of our Sheer Contour tights are tone-matching, meaning they are meant to blend in with your skin’s natural skin tone, even if it’s a shade or two off. These tights have double-reinforced toes and a 3D-knit foot and calf area for a better fit. 

Shop Sheer Contour or read reviews here


Opaque Contour

For those who prefer a bit more coverage and warmth, our Opaque Contour tights would be a great fit for you. These 60 denier tights are perfect for chillier weather and they also include our signature contoured control top. These tights won the award for “Best Tights” by THE KIT magazine as well as “Most Flattering” by Good Housekeeping magazine. They’re our bestseller in the winter months and are popular with both women and men. They’re also a bit of a wardrobe hack, as you can wear them under skirts and dresses but also under slacks or pants. This is perfect for those who work in places that are a bit chillier (an over-air conditioned office perhaps?), as they’re lightweight enough under your clothes that you get the layer of warmth without the bulkiness.


Shop Opaque Contour or read reviews here.


Sheer to Waist

For those who are adamantly against control top, the Sheer-To-Waist would be a great alternative for you. They are sheer from toe to waist and have a 3D knit foot and calf area for a more comfortable fit made for real legs. Just a note, our Sheer-To-Waist tights fit a bit smaller, so if you’re in between sizes or on the cusp, we recommend you size up! 

Shop Sheer-To-Waist or read reviews here.



We have a large community of men who love our tights and, although all of our products we have are unisex, in 2021 we launched a first-of-its-kind product catered just to men. Our Fly tights include a brief that has a panel with flat-sewn seams and a cotton gusset, for additional room and comfort for all masculine bodies. They are also made with men’s proportions kept in mind. 


Shop TFM Fly Tights or read reviews here.


Thigh-High Stockings

Next up - our thigh-high stockings! The most common frustration people have with traditional thigh-highs is that they don’t. Stay.Up. You’re constantly pulling them up and afraid they’ll fall down. Well, not anymore with ours! We’ve added a double silicone band for double the stay-up power, and our flat band means you’ll get this staying power without the “hair elastic” effect you see with bands that are skinnier in width. The lace top is simple,classic and goes with just about everything! Perfect as lingerie or as an alternative to sheer black tights. This would be a great piece of “starter lingerie” if you are new to it, as it goes with just about everything already in your top drawer. 


Shop Thigh-Highs here.


Nipple Stickies & Breast Tape

Switching gears here to products that are not tights & hosiery: our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies are one of our year-round bestsellers, but they are especially popular during the summer. We created them as a solution to all the bad pasties and nipple covers out there. After polling 200 people, we found that most people are looking for the following things:

  • They have to be sticky: There is nothing worse than them falling off mid-wear. Stickiness is key! 
  • Seamless: People want the look of a smooth curve (not pepperoni nipples through their shirt!)
  • Won’t irritate your skin: This is really important! 
  • Reusable: It’s so much more convenient  to have a pair that you can wash and wear over and over again, instead of stocking up on the disposable, single-use kind (which are not as friendly for the environment).

We designed our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies to make sure it checks all these boxes! For more info on them, check them out here. P.S.: They were featured as one of the Best Bra Alternatives of the year by The TODAY Show! 


And for those who want some extra lift, or maybe a solution when wearing tops and dresses that have more unique necklines, our Lifting Breast Tape is here to save the day. Our Lifting Breast tape can be used alongside our Nipple Stickies, to replace a traditional bra. The tape can be cut and customized to fit your unique shape: simply adjust your bust into place, then apply the tape to secure the position. For more information on how to use breast tape, check out our blog post here


Want both? You can grab our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies + Lifting Breast Tape as a combo here


Patterned Tights - Backseam/Fishnets

If you’re looking for something more fun – did someone say patterns? – we’d recommend checking out the Backseam Tights or our Micro-weave Fishnets.


Contour Shorts

Finally,- our latest launch this year: our Contour Lift Shorts. We’ve had so many requests to create this over the years, since our contoured control top was first introduced in the Sheer Contour tights. We created this to wear on its own or under your clothes for a shaping effect. Our Contour Lift shorts have everything you love about the original control top, as well as flexible boning in the waistband to prevent it from rolling down. 


Shop Contour Lift Shorts here.


Can’t decide what to get? Want to try a few styles?

No problem! We’ve put together a bestsellers bundle here, so you can try a bunch of styles at a discounted price. 


We hope you found this informative and helpful. If you have any other questions or need help finding a size, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@yourthreads.co.


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