Styling Fish Nets This Summer

Threads Fishnets Tynomi Banks x Threads Tights

“We designed these tights to make every person who wears them, regardless of gender, pronoun or all-in-all walks of life, to feel comfortable and unapologetically themselves.’ - Tynomi Banks

Our fishnets are anything but ordinary - inspired by some of Tynomi Banks, Canadian Drag Race Superstar, and some of her most iconic looks! The Threads X Tynomi Banks Tights are an embodiment of luxury, fun, and the spirit of being bold and feeling your best. We want you to help you channel your inner ‘hot girl & guy summer’ with our fishnets so we've ranked some of our favourite features and ways to style them this season!

Pair with your spiciest heels or boots

From your waist all the way down to your toes the micro weave fishnet design will compliment your favorite pair of heels this summer. Alternatively, they look great with chunky boots for a timeless grunge look (hello summer concert outfits!). 

Don’t be afraid to layer 

Our soft waistband holds up without digging in your sides which makes our fishnets super easy to layer under a skirt or shorts or even ripped jeans for a little extra fun. 

Work dress approved 

Threads Fishnets Tynomi Banks x Threads Tights

Our micro weave fishnet looks like sheer black tights from afar, making it a fun, but office-safe option in the summer. The breathable cotton gusset provides maximum comfort, leaving you looking hot on those days when outside feels anything but cool. 

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