25 Affirmations For 2020

25 Affirmations For 2020

A lot has happened this year. 2020 only has two months (not even) left. You made it. You persevered despite the uncertainty and fear. You may have set goals or affirmations at the start of 2020, but no one could have predicted what was in store.

January isn't the only time for self reflection. Why not take a look back and set aside some affirmations to open your eyes to all that you accomplished? This has been a year of growth and healing. You should be so proud of yourself. We're sharing some affirmations with you; and sending so much love.

2020 Affirmations, Be Proud Of Yourself

  1. I approve of what I accomplished this year.
  2. I am confident in my ability to bounce back from whatever 2020 throws at me.
  3. I am lucky to be where I am.
  4. Whatever my goals were at the beginning of 2020 are still my goals and there's no time limit to completing them.
  5. I grew as a person in 2020.
  6. I acknowledge my skills.
  7. I will continue to be empathetic to those around me.
  8. I have great health and wellness.
  9. I choose positive thoughts and appreciation in 2020.
  10. I am an full of great ideas and creativity.
  11. People love to be around me.
  12. My knowledge helps others.
  13. I know joy and peace.
  14. I project good vibes onto others.
  15. I don't put pressure on myself to look a certain way.
  16. I have strong and focused intentions throughout the year.
  17. I perform to achieve amazing results.
  18. I've managed to thrive in 2020.
  19. My achievements provide me with recognition and wealth.
  20. I love myself and I love others.
  21. I am in love with what 2020 has taught me about myself. 
  22. I'm just getting started.
  23. Next year will be my year, and if it's not, I know I'm strong enough to keep going.
  24. Something special is coming.
  25. I am genuinely grateful for 2020.

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