• “I hate when my tights cling to my clothes”
  • "I want a control top that doesn't flatten my bum"
  • "I hate it when the control top shows when I wear shorter skirts & dresses"
  • "Why do all tights seem to have the same leg length?"
  • "I always get holes in the toe"
  • “I hate when my tights cling to my clothes”

    Our solution: Double-covered microfiber yarn.

    Our tights are made using double-covered yarn and have a smoother finish, making them less likely to static and stick to your clothes. The days of using hairspray to to get rid of the static are over.

  • “I want a control top that doesn't flatten my bum”

    Our solution: A contoured control top.

    Our waistband and control top are contoured, meaning it hugs and lifts all the right areas without feeling constrictive and restrictive. A waistband that feels like second skin, not a corset.

  • “I hate it when the control top shows when I wear shorter skirts & dresses”

    Our solution: 
    A control top that starts higher on the thigh.

    We've taken up the control top a few inches on the thigh. No more more peekaboo when wearing shorter skirts & dresses.

  • “Why do all tights seem to have the same leg length?”

    Our solution: 
    A more realistic leg length that actually corresponds to your size.

    Our leg length corresponds to size and is an average of 2” longer than the typical pair on the market.

  • “I always get holes in the toe”

    Our solution:
    Double reinforced toe.

    Our toes have added reinforcement, while still staying sheer and soft. 

Care Instructions

Toss them in a laundry bag and wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang dry. Store away from direct sunlight.

Made in Italy

Pizza, wine and... hosiery

There are some things Italians just know how to do better.  Tights are one of them. 

We're proud to say that Threads are made by our factory partners in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy, also known as the global capital of hosiery. They've been at it since the 70's.  In other words? They're really good at what they do.

High-end tights, drugstore price

We think it’s crazy that many luxury tights brands charge a 5-10x markup. By going directly to the factory and cutting out the middlemen, we’re able to offer you the same tights at a fraction of the going price.

We keep our overhead costs low with our lean (but mighty) team.

We don’t use third-party retailers, thus avoiding their hefty markup.

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John C.
Canada Canada
Threads review

I’m a little embarrassed to say I enjoy wearing Threads tights under my jeans when I go walking. They are comfortable and keep my legs warmer. I’d need more courage to wear them outside with a skirt.

United States United States
Instant tan legs!

I'm currently wearing this Sheer as I write this review, "early tan" and feeling great about it! I have more coming in the USPS as well!

United States United States
Love at First Wearing!

At Threads price point their product line is unbeatable in comfort, looks, feel, and durability! You can definitely pay more for the same, but you can more without feeling bad! It's possible to get a run, but it's not "mission impossible" self destruction! Wearing them as I write this review! I can't wait for thigh highs!

Canada Canada
Perfect to Prevent Ticks Bites.

Thanks to Threads and a very good friend I no longer get chewed up by Ticks and Chiggers when working in the bush. I spend long days marking trees and long nights scratching bug bites that run up my legs. One day in passing my friend asked what was wrong with my legs as they did look terrible. I told her about Chiggers and Ticks and how nasty they are and she must have felt sorry for me because that evening she brought over a few pairs of her pantyhose. She told me that her dad always wore pantyhose to the bush and he had almost no bites on his legs. She explained that she is a long time subscriber to Threads that send her pantyhose and tights right to her mail box every month. Now that she has been working from home for the last year because of the Covid she doesn't wear her tights every day and has several pair ahead. So I did try these pantyhose for 2 weeks faithfully everyday and my legs up to my waist are free of bug bites and practically healed. I actually shaved my legs because these tights feel really great on my bare skin and they actually add some noticeable support. I will help with her cost if I can get a few pairs of the Threads pantyhose each month from her. When she goes back to work I'll have to set up my own account.

Roy J.
United States United States
I like them so far

I am wearing them now and they are comfortable to wear.I want to see how durable they are.They have a good fit so far

Canada Canada
Affordable but hight quality

I had never tried premium nylon stockings before seeing your product offering. Thank you, Threads, for making such a great quality product available at an affordable price. After 5 days of testing I cannot consider anything other than Threads. Thank you!

United States United States
Fantastic sheer tights!

I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and style of these tights. The reinforced toe is barely noticeable. The weave used on the leg is strong and very silky. The brief area is different from other tights I've worn. They stayed in place all day, provided support, and helped to provide some lift in the back. I wore the ivory color first as I have a fairly light skin-tone. I will probably wear tan more as we get into summer. The price was definitely attractive as well. A very comparable product to the higher priced brands at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend them.

United States United States
Great Fit and Feel

These sheer tights have a nice fit that really stays up and they have such a smooth feel. The tan color is a great skin match and is not shiny; very natural. They seem very durable. Altogether, a great product with fast shipping.

Canada Canada
Amazing pantyhose!

I received my first order this past week and was excited to try these Tights.I’ve been wearing pantyhose for years and have tried many other brands. From cheaper ones to high end expensive ones. Well I’m more the pleased with these. The feel so amazing on and to the touch. High quality at a very reason price. After reading other reviews I’m sure they will stand up to many wears. I think I need to go down a size as I went by the size chart but they are a touch big but still feel great to wear. Thanks Threads for such a great product!

United States United States
Pleasantly Surprised!

I was putting them on for the second time and all at once there seemed to be a run! Under my breath I was saying some choice words, but since I was going to wear jeans I kept going! When it came time to "sit down" the run was gone! My heart lightened with satisfaction and became more of a repeat buyer! Great quality and comfort at a "WOW" price!