You Need These Winter Layering Essentials

You Need These Winter Layering Essentials

When we start to feel a nip in the air and see the holiday decorations in every store window, it only means one thing: winter is upon us. When it comes to the winter season, instead of wearing a snowsuit everyday, we like to believe there are alternative solutions to dressing smart, but also stylish. How do we plan to do so you may ask? Here are three of our winter layering essentials you definitely need to get your hands on this winter season:



Big Chunky Scarves

One of the simplest winter accessories you probably already have in your closet is a big, chunky winter scarf. Whether it be from the thrift store or knitted by your grandmother, any chunky scarf is both practical and functional in sub zero temperatures. They go with almost any coat and will keep you from freezing, while still looking cute ‘n cozy. 

Oversized Blazers

The oversized blazer is definitely a Hailey Bieber special, and we're so lucky that she set the trend. The art of styling an oversized blazer with a hoodie is the perfect combo of looking chic, but staying cozy. It's basically the adult Snuggie.  


Earmuffs are the perfect solution to keep your exposed ears warm without getting hat hair. You can get earmuffs in a variety of colours and sizes and they make a cute winter outfit that much more cute and wintery, all while saving your ears from turning beet red.


Opaque Tights

When it comes to turning an summer/fall outfit into one suitable for winter, our tights are the answer. Ranging from 20 denier with our sheer tights to 60 denier with our opaque tights. Even in the cold Canadian winters, we’ll do what we can to keep wearing our favourtie skirts and dresses with our Threads tights. 

We cant wait for the winter season and to see how you style our Threads tights! Check us out on TikTok and Instagram to see how we are layering our tights for the winter time and for the ultimate winter outfit inspo. 

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