We Asked Six People What They Love About Threads Tights And Here Are The Results

We Asked Six People What They Love About Threads Tights And Here Are The Results

One of our favourite things to do is read the reviews on our products from all our loyal tight-loving customers, but we’ve never taken the time to tell you what the Threads team loves the most about them. There are so many reasons to love Threads tights it is almost too hard to narrow it down, but we decided to share with you our most favourite features and go-to’s. Interested to read what six people who work at Threads love the most about their Threads tights? Keep reading…

Hmm my favorite thing would be that they're made sustainably in small batches at our Italian factory, which has been family run and operated since the 70s. They're made in a region in Italy that specializes in textiles (they've actually been making textiles since the Medieval ages!) so you know you're getting an amazing product. My favourites right now are the opaque tights - they're just so versatile and feel even better than leggings!” - Xenia, Founder

“My go-to pair of Threads is definitely the black sheer tights. I love that they can be styled with everything and provide an extra layer of warmth in the colder months. I favour Threads over any other tights brand because they really consider the customer when producing the product. My Threads are comfortable, durable, and match my skin tone perfectly. It's clear they were made thoughtfully. It's also nice to know I can wear them without stressing about getting a run in them while I'm out. Not having to buy tights every time I plan to wear them, is such a breath of fresh air." - Becca, Digital Marketing Manager

“My favourite thing about Threads tights is that the product and its production puts people first: they’re responsibly-made and also certified as a safe product against skin! I’m a super conscious consumer, so while I’m picky about buying new clothing and usually stick with natural fabrics, you just can’t compromise with tights. Threads don’t irritate my super sensitive skin like my other pairs do, and I’m constantly reaching for my sheer black pair this fall to both pull my outfits together and layer up. Last thing: my fav feature has to be the double-covered yarn, static cling haunted my cute dresses and skirts for way too long!” - Lydia, Digital Design Intern

“I have always been hesitant to buy tights at the drugstore because they always seemed overpriced for the quality I knew I was getting. Since I’ve tried Threads, I literally could not ask for a better quality tight. I am always scared of ripping them on the first wear but my Threads tights have lasted me multiple wears already in perfect condition! My favourite feature of them is definitely the control top and the fact they actually are long enough for my legs. They give the perfect amount of control without suffocating me and also the waistband doesn’t roll down, bonus! My favourite right now are the black sheer tights! I literally wear them with every outfit, they go with everything in the fall time!” - Lindsay, Social Media Intern

“My favourite thing about Threads tights is that I find the material to be so silky which I love, it feels so nice and comfortable! I also love how they have tone matching tights. I've never really been the one to wear tone-matching tights, but I love how the sheer tights (for me in tan) blend into my skin so easily and it looks basically invisible! My go to tights are sheer black and sheer tan. My favourite feature is definitely the control top and how it lifts my bum rather than flatten it.” - Chelsea, Social Media Intern

“I was the type of person who would buy a new pair of tights every single time I wanted to wear them, because I knew they would rip or tear by the end of the night. For as long as I can remember I’ve had long nails so they would constantly get caught on my old tights. I’ve honestly never had that issue with Threads tights because they are so durable, even after I wash and hang dry them. My favourite feature would have to be the enhanced leg length because they actually fit in all the places I need them to. My go to right now would have to be the black sheer tights since i tend to wear darker colours during the fall” - Taylor, Social Media Intern

As you can see we all love Threads over here just as much as you do! Still interested in reading our customer reviews? Click here

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