2021 Resolutions Based On Your Enneagram

2021 Resolutions Based On Your Enneagram

It's finally the new year and like most people, we're reflecting on the past, while preparing for the future. Resolutions seem to be a popular topic of conversation around this time of year. As a species, we love to set goals. There's nothing like the feeling of fulfilling a dream you once put down on paper.

Considering the year that 2020 was, people are a little less inclined to set overzealous expectations of themselves this time around. We wanted to give you some manageable recommendations when deciding on your resolutions. What better way to do that than by organizing them via your Enneagram number!

1. The Perfectionist - Sleep In Twice A Week

1s have so many goals at the start of the new year that it may seem like there aren't enough hours in the day to complete them all. We see you 1s, and we're proud of you for your ambition and hard work. However, your body, mind, and soul should be just a much of a priority as meeting your next quota or moving up in your career. Rest. Sleep in twice a week. Take care of your hardworking self.

2. The Helper - Meal Prep Every Sunday

2s are aching to get organized and feel prepared to help those that need it. In order to be there for others, you need to be on top of your own things first. Don't let your commitments get in the way of fueling your body. Take a couple hours each Sunday to throw some meat or veggies in the oven, pre-cook rice, make smoothie baggies, or prep whatever you need to in order to ensure you're eating well throughout the week.

3. The Achiever - Reach Out To Friends & Family More

3s are on a mission to reach their goals as fast as possible. It's admirable how much effort you put into everything you do. We all applaud your commitment to success. That said, you may have lost touch with some people along the way. Keep doing you, because you're great; but try to make an effort to develop your relationships and connect with loved ones more often.

4. The Individualist - Renovate Part Of Your Home

4s are so creative. They like to hideaway as they work on their masterpiece. They don't like anything boring and enjoy getting started on new projects. Take on something that is going to benefit you for a long time. Such as a home DIY home project. Re-do your backyard, build your dream closet, or create an inspiring office. Whatever it is, it will spark joy.

5. The Investigator - Plan The Ultimate Trip

5s need to have all the information before diving into absolutely anything. Who better than to plan the next girls trip?! (Here's to hoping travel is a thing later in 2021). You'll love researching new places, finding out what to do, and creating an exciting day-to-day schedule for you and your friends. It's the perfect distraction after a crazy year. Granted, you'll have to wait until it's safe to travel.

6. The Loyalist - Join A Completely New Activity

6s love what they love and they don't feel the need to venture too far from it. It can be difficult to hop out of your comfort zone, but with all of this time at home, why not trying something new? Here's some possibilities: learn to play an instrument, join an outdoor running club, pick up a new sport, try improv, attempt DIY projects...etc.

7. The Enthusiast - Disconnect For An Hour Each Day

7s suffer from severe fomo. With this comes the mild addiction to their gadgets. Whether it's staying up to date in the group chat or refreshing Insta, 7's feel the need to be in the know. We love that we can come to you for the latest gossip, but give your mind a break and disconnect for an hour everyday. You'll find it will make you more productive and less anxious.

8. The Challenger - Make A New Morning Routine

8s tend to be up all night. It may be because they get lost in their work, or that they're on another Netflix binge. Nevertheless, it causes them to wake up a little too close to their start time. This leaves 8s exhausted throughout the day. Our recommendation? Go to bed a bit earlier to leave time for yourself in the morning. Journal, meditate, actually eat breakfast, and chill out before you give your all to your work.

9. The Peacemaker - Save $ For Something YOU Want

It's in a 9's DNA to constantly try to please others. They're always looking for a way to help those in need or make someone else happy. In turn, they often forget to take care of themselves. You do so much for everyone else, why not save a little extra money to buy something special for you.

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