• “I hate when my tights cling to my clothes”
  • "I want a control top that doesn't flatten my bum"
  • "I hate it when the control top shows when I wear shorter skirts & dresses"
  • "Why do all tights seem to have the same leg length?"
  • "I always get holes in the toe"
  • “I hate when my tights cling to my clothes”

    Our solution: Double-covered microfiber yarn.

    Our tights are made using double-covered yarn and have a smoother finish, making them less likely to static and stick to your clothes. The days of using hairspray to to get rid of the static are over.

  • “I want a control top that doesn't flatten my bum”

    Our solution: A contoured control top.

    Our waistband and control top are contoured, meaning it hugs and lifts all the right areas without feeling constrictive and restrictive. A waistband that feels like second skin, not a corset.

  • “I hate it when the control top shows when I wear shorter skirts & dresses”

    Our solution: 
    A control top that starts higher on the thigh.

    We've taken up the control top a few inches on the thigh. No more more peekaboo when wearing shorter skirts & dresses.

  • “Why do all tights seem to have the same leg length?”

    Our solution: 
    A more realistic leg length that actually corresponds to your size.

    Our leg length corresponds to size and is an average of 2” longer than the typical pair on the market.

  • “I always get holes in the toe”

    Our solution:
    Double reinforced toe.

    Our toes have added reinforcement, while still staying sheer and soft. 

Care Instructions

Toss them in a laundry bag and wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang dry. Store away from direct sunlight.

Made in Italy

Pizza, wine and... hosiery

There are some things Italians just know how to do better.  Tights are one of them. 

We're proud to say that Threads are made by our factory partners in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy, also known as the global capital of hosiery. They've been at it since the 70's.  In other words? They're really good at what they do.

High-end tights, drugstore price

We think it’s crazy that many luxury tights brands charge a 5-10x markup. By going directly to the factory and cutting out the middlemen, we’re able to offer you the same tights at a fraction of the going price.

We keep our overhead costs low with our lean (but mighty) team.

We don’t use third-party retailers, thus avoiding their hefty markup.

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Mark E.
United States United States

Very good color is nice

Anna B.
Canada Canada

Hands down the best pantyhose I've ever worn at such an amazing price! The panty top is ridiculously comfortable to the point you can't even notice wearing them. The butt lift is also a great added bonus. Wear them to work and keep them on when I get home because of how comfortable they are. Everything and more that I want in a pair of pantyhose! Never going back to drugstore pantyhose again

Bob L.
United States United States
Super nice!

Very nice packaging. Fit very well and seemed super expensive. Do not worry they are not tight at all, not a regular control top. Very unique product and even my wife likes them and she barely wears tights. Big fan.

Erin B.
Canada Canada
Great Colour.

Great colour. Not too dark, just enough for a tanned look. Or two better compliment your outfit.

Anika A.
Canada Canada
Best tights ever!

I've been wearing these tights since last winter and it's the only ones i buy anymore. They last me on average 10-15 wears which is the highest longevity of any tight's i've found (high end or otherwise) I hope they never get discontinued

Madelena .
Canada Canada
Stop wasting $$ on other tights

I’ve been subscribing to Threads for more than a year now and I LOVE THEM. I used to have to run down to the Shoppers under my office at least once a week to buy a new pair of tights when mine (predictably) ripped or ran at some point during the day. Over a month I would often spend like $60 on ****** quality tights that would only make it through one wear. I’ll never go back! Getting Threads every month makes sure I never run out, but also- they actually last! Multiple wears without having to treat them ridiculously gently, few runs, ok after a wash and resistant to runs- these tights were a game changer. I pay $30 or so a month, have new replacement tights delivered (sometimes before I even need them) and I can’t remember the last time I spent $15 on garbage products that are ruined after one wear. Totally suggest everyone jump on this ASAP.

Sydney R.
United States United States
Love this brand!

I love using Threads! Best company ever. I enjoy having the subscription to my doorstep, so convenient! Thanks so much!

A Threads Customer
Bobby N.
Canada Canada
Completely in love with my threads

Threads are the best pantyhose that I have found in awhile, they are extremely durable and last for quite a few wears, the reinforced toes are perfect and so far have had no problems with them. The panty is comfort and do not crush you, the waistband stays in place and doesn't roll like other brands. Out of the 3 pairs that I have been wearing for over a month I have only ruined one pair and that was my fault, I snagged them on a sharp piece of plastic on a storage tub but I still wore them for another 3 times under my jeans. I am a avid pantyhose wearer and I wear them everyday, I wear them under jeans at work and when I get home I wear them with shorts or a skirt, the caramel is a perfect color and it blends in with my skin so most people don't even notice that I am wearing them. For any other men or women out there that haven't tried threads you gotta try them, they are super comfy and hopefully you will enjoy wearing them as much as I do!

A Threads Customer
Michelle C.
Canada Canada
Great tights!

These tights are super comfortable. I love the control top since it kind of help flatten the tummy area but also helps prevent the tights from sliding down like some other brands I own.

Gary M.
United States United States
Great Tights!!

The tights are of great quality and durability!! The control top is snug for me but still are comfortable. The price is great compared to other tights of same quality, they even rival some more expensive brands!!