• “I hate when my tights cling to my clothes”
  • "I want a control top that doesn't flatten my bum"
  • "I hate it when the control top shows when I wear shorter skirts & dresses"
  • "Why do all tights seem to have the same leg length?"
  • "I always get holes in the toe"
  • “I hate when my tights cling to my clothes”

    Our solution: Double-covered microfiber yarn.

    Our tights are made using double-covered yarn and have a smoother finish, making them less likely to static and stick to your clothes. The days of using hairspray to to get rid of the static are over.

  • “I want a control top that doesn't flatten my bum”

    Our solution: A contoured control top.

    Our waistband and control top are contoured, meaning it hugs and lifts all the right areas without feeling constrictive and restrictive. A waistband that feels like second skin, not a corset.

  • “I hate it when the control top shows when I wear shorter skirts & dresses”

    Our solution: 
    A control top that starts higher on the thigh.

    We've taken up the control top a few inches on the thigh. No more more peekaboo when wearing shorter skirts & dresses.

  • “Why do all tights seem to have the same leg length?”

    Our solution: 
    A more realistic leg length that actually corresponds to your size.

    Our leg length corresponds to size and is an average of 2” longer than the typical pair on the market.

  • “I always get holes in the toe”

    Our solution:
    Double reinforced toe.

    Our toes have added reinforcement, while still staying sheer and soft. 

Care Instructions

Toss them in a laundry bag and wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang dry. Store away from direct sunlight.

Made in Italy

Pizza, wine and... hosiery

There are some things Italians just know how to do better.  Tights are one of them. 

We're proud to say that Threads are made by our factory partners in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy, also known as the global capital of hosiery. They've been at it since the 70's.  In other words? They're really good at what they do.

High-end tights, drugstore price

We think it’s crazy that many luxury tights brands charge a 5-10x markup. By going directly to the factory and cutting out the middlemen, we’re able to offer you the same tights at a fraction of the going price.

We keep our overhead costs low with our lean (but mighty) team.

We don’t use third-party retailers, thus avoiding their hefty markup.

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Peter C.
United States United States
Perfect tights!

Very good fit, and the control top is a great plus,,,sheerness is perfect, like more expensive brands,,,luv these tights!

Rosemary E.
Canada Canada
So comfortable

The tights are beautiful; comfortable and great fabric! I would love to see them in navy as well.

Donald M.
United States United States
5 stars

Orders are shipped and get to me very quickly

Daniel G. Shankel
United States United States
Beautiful Tights

These tights fit very nicely, and feel so soft. I have not had a single snag as of yet. I love them and will be buying more.

United States United States
Staple in my closet!

Highly recommend these tights! They are super comfortable and flattering! I also like the feel of them they are nice and silky, compared to other tights which I find can be itchy. The quality is comparable to tights that I've paid 3x the amount for!

Rachelle S.
United States United States
Fantastic Quality Tights

These are fantastic quality tights. The Opaque tights are the best that I have ever worn. Normally I don't like opaque tights, but with the colder weather, I thought that I would give these a try. Gosh am I glad that I did. They are very comfortable and very durable. They are easy to care for and stand up well to no snagging. Keep up the great work!

Donald M.
United States United States

Experience was real good

Robert C.
United States United States
Love Them

I love your tights. 1- They feel great on me. Touch them and they’re smooth. 2- For me can wear them for days and not snag them. My hands are ruff and I don’t snag them. The material is a lot better then pantyhose. And other tights. 3- I prefer to have them a little loose so I get a large instead of medium. Leggings I’d get medium. But to let the tights rub your legs as wearing them get next size. All you can do is try it out and see if you like it. Plus you can loosen up the toe nail hurt when they are looser In all they are great, been shopping around and these are the best so far. If your into legs. Go for it. Makes your backside look good to. Bob

Erin B.
Canada Canada
Excellent Hosiery

Super comfortable and durable nylons. Great leg feel. No sagging in legs or crotch even after all day wear and vigorous dancing in the evening. Sizing is generous, normally I wear D, but C fits great! Only ruined two pair. Got snagged by a broken nail I didn’t notice and accidentally brushing against old, rough wood. I haven’t worn a pair out yet. One pair accidentally went into the wash with jeans and other button laden garments and didn’t even get a run! My go to hose. Will be buying more:)

Daniel S.
United States United States
Smooth Feel

Very nice fit and feel, comfortable for all day wear, do not seem to snag or run easily.