Product Features

  • Double covered yarn
  • Contoured control top
  • Better leg length
  • Higher on the thigh
  • Reinforced toe
  • Double covered yarn

    “It’s frustrating when my tights cling to my clothes” 

    Made using double-covered yarn and have a smoother finish. Less likely to static and stick to your clothes.

  • Contoured control top

    “I love a good control top but hate how it flattens the whole area, including my bum”

    We couldn’t agree more. Our waistband hugs and firms up all the right areas and lifts your bum

  • Better leg length

    “Why do all the different sizes have the same leg length?”

    A more realistic leg length that actually corresponds to your size.

  • Higher on the thigh

    “I  dread the control top part of my tights showing when I wear shorter skirts”

    No more peekaboo wearing shorter dresses and shorts

  • Reinforced toe

    “I always get holes in the toe area”

    Barely there, invisible strength.

Care Instructions

Toss them in a laundry bag and wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang dry. Store away from direct sunlight.

Made in Italy

Pizza, wine and... hosiery

There are some things Italians just know how to do better.  Tights are one of them. 

We're proud to say that Threads are made by our factory partners in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy, also known as the global capital of hosiery. They've been at it since the 70's.  In other words? They're really good at what they do.

High-end tights, drugstore price

We think it’s crazy that many luxury tights brands charge a 5-10x markup. By going directly to the factory and cutting out the middlemen, we’re able to offer you the same tights at a fraction of the going price.

We keep our overhead costs low with our lean (but mighty) team.

We don’t use third-party retailers, thus avoiding their hefty markup.

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Canada Canada
Obsessed - perfect tights you've been waiting for

I love these - cheaper than most drug store options that get one wear (if you're lucky) and better quality than the higher-end pairs I've tried. Beautifully sheer, comfortable and silky smooth. I wore mine probably about 15 times before getting a run in them because of my nails. The convenience of getting them in the mail is a bonus - never stress about tights again!

Canada Canada
Wow wow wow!!

These opaque tights are incredible - they are perfectly balanced in terms of thickness, comfort, and quality! I am someone that constantly (emphasis on the constantly) rips their tights but the quality is fantastic on these. The control top is incredible - doesn't feel overly tight but shapes you really well and accents the bum just right. Highly recommended!

Canada Canada
The Best Ever!

I was given my opaque tights as a gift and I absolutely LOVE them! The fit is amazing, so comfortable and no digging in at the waist. I have been wearing pantyhose for a long time and have never found anything as awesome as these. No need to buy anything else!

Canada Canada
Comfiest tights ever, emphasis on the COMFY

I actually look forward to putting these tights on in the morning. If tights could have the same feeling as cocooning yourself in a fuzzy blanket, then these are it. I honestly put on the tights first and then look for an outfit after, not vice-versa. The support also makes my legs look way nicer and slimmer. Just straight up wonderful.

United States United States
Love these, so comfy and sleek

The control top (front and back!!) really help smooth everything out without being too tight or uncomfortable (big pet peeve in other opaque tights I have tried). The size guide really nailed it, I am 5'5 and picked size A and it turned out to be just the right amount of fabric without any rusching or bunching anywhere. These tights are really comfortable and soft and also come in super cute packaging. I highly recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their tights!!

United States United States
The BEST!!!

I loved threads' sheer tights, so thought I would give the opaque tights a try. Let. Me. Tell. You. These do not disappoint - threads have nailed the weight, the length and the control top - AND they are so comfy! There is nothing bad to say about these tights - would recommend to all!

Maria .
Canada Canada

I would not leave a review if I didn't feel strongly enough about the product but these are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I didn't think I'd find a pair of opaque tights I liked better than my Calvin Kleins but they don't even come close to the comfort of these threads tights. They feel like butter, fit like a second skin and give your bum the most perfect lift ;). I have a feeling I won't want to take these off--I'm writing this review in my threads right now!

Canada Canada

I absolutely love the new opaque tights! They have the exact same perfectly snug waistband as the sheer version but are perfect for colder days. The fabric feels both durable and luxurious. Will definitely be purchasing a few other pairs. Also would make a great gift - really lovely packaging!