What Does Dress For Success Even Mean?

What Does Dress For Success Even Mean?

How many times has someone told you to "dress for success"? It's such a common phrase, but what does it really mean? Is there a specific outfit that looks more successful over another? Does it have something to do with the brand we wear? Is it something else?

I remember my high school holding events in the gym, teaching (women) how to dress for success. This raises another question about whether or not it's assumed men can "dress for success" better than women, but that's not what this blog post is about. There were rigid blazers and knee length skirts, button-up blouses, and high heels on the racks. To be honest, I think they had it all wrong. I think dressing for success has less to do with how you look, but how you feel.

Dress in YOUR personal style.

Many of us grew up with images of "professional women" being shown to us in the same repetitive outfits. If that's your style, that's great! But if you're like me, and wear things differently, it's important to know that is okay too. You don't want to feel like you're dressing up as someone else. People see through that and most workplaces want a diverse group of people, so be yourself!

Dress for Comfort.

If you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing, a hiring manager is going to feel it. It's pretty hard to hide when you're not comfortable. Maybe you're fidgeting, maybe your facial expression changes, but someone will pick up on it because you're not relaxed. A big part of this can be the shoes you wear. I understand wanting to give yourself a bit of height and dress your outfit up with heels, but it's not worth the blisters or pain you may experience after the day. Luckily, brands like Ally Shoes exist. They are a brand created for women, by women, and they're known for providing professional heels that leave you pain-free after wearing.

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Confidence is everything.

I think the real key to dressing to impress is the confidence and attitude you pair with it. A clothing item can look completely different on two people just based on their level of confidence wearing it. This kind of goes hand in hand with dressing to your personal style, because whatever you feel your best in, you'll look your best in. At the end of the day, don't let anyone pressure you into thinking you need to dress a specific way. Of course be professional and appropriate, but let your personal style give you the ability to walk into any interview or meeting with confidence.

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