How To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe To Spring

Girl wearing Threads Black Sheer Tights - Winter to Spring Transitional Outfit

Spring is almost here! Can you feel it? The sun is shining, snow is melting, and we're seeing less and less winter coats walking about. If you are anything like us then the thought of re-organizing the closet and getting your wardrobe ready for spring is super exciting (Check out how we organize our tights here). As our hearts are saying “spring, spring, spring!!” we are faced with the reality that it still is a little chilly outside. Which is why we are giving you our tips and tricks on transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring. 

Layering is your new BFF.

Pull out your spring dresses, shorts, and skirts and pair them with opaque tights. This way you’ll be able to rock your favourite spring bottoms and keep your legs warm. Instead of reaching for your chunky winter coat, opt for a blazer or cardigan over top of your outfit. 

Experiment with colour. 

During the winter we tend to wear more muted shades, but let's bring colour into our wardrobes this spring! Since it still is a little cold at times, you can find your most colourful top and pair it with your usual winter bottoms. 

Accessorize with tights.

An easy way to transition your winter wardrobe to spring is by wearing tone matching sheer tights under your outfits. You won’t be freezing but you’ll still be giving off the look of a bare leg. What more could you ask for?

Change up your shoe routine.

We know throwing on your comfy winter shoes feels like a habit but go for a shoe that doesn’t remind you of winter. Opt for a pair of sneakers or fashionable boots to remind you what it feels like to not dress for the snow. 

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