Styling Thigh-High Stockings

Styling Thigh-High Stockings

A pair of Threads Thigh-Highs can take any outfit from drab to fab. Our 20 denier stockings are carefully made with three inch Italian lace bands and two bands of silicone for double the stay-up power. Each pair of Thigh-Highs bring a new fun and spicy addition to your wardrobe in the simplest way. There are endless possibilities on how to style our Thigh-Highs, but we’ve rounded up our top four favourite ways.

Show Off The Lace Band

Style our stockings under a pair of knee high boots, this way the lace bands can peek out adding a little extra to your outfit. Worried about being cold during the winter season? Layer our Thigh-Highs under a pair of long socks-the socks will stay hidden under your boots while the lace band peeks through the top. 

Lengthen Your Legs In Heels

Your legs will be the main focus in our Thigh-Highs and heels. Regardless of the length of your skirt, adding heels to your outfit will bring all the attention to your stockings. Our Thigh-Highs are designed with a reinforced toe adding extra strength and a barely there look. What more could you ask for?

Show A Little Leg In A Mini Skirt Or Shorts

Pairing a mini skirt or shorts with stockings can leave room to show some skin. Our Thigh-Highs add an extra bit of spice to every outfit. Our Thigh-Highs have double-covered Lycra® yarn which means that they are super comfortable with all-way stretch! 

Feel Bold In A Side Slit Dress

Threads Thigh-Highs + a side slit dress = perfection! Our stockings will peek through the slit of your dress leaving a little room for imagination and complementing your outfit flawlessly. You’ll never have to worry about our Thigh-Highs slipping down your legs as we designed them with 3D construction and a double silicone band that is built to hold up!

Shop our new Thigh-Highs here! We are so excited to see how you style your Threads.

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