How To Make Lockdown Weekends Actually Feel Like Weekends

How To Make Lockdown Weekends Actually Feel Like Weekends

Although many areas are in some form of lockdown, it's important that we still try to take the time on weekends to have some fun. Weekends and days off are important for our mental wellbeing and happiness. If you're on the hunt for ideas on how to make lockdown weekends actually feel like weekends, you're not alone. We've compiled a list of suggestions that we'd like to share with you.

Try a new virtual workout.

On weekends, make it a priority to get up, move around, go for walks, or get a workout in. There are a ton of free ways to get your body moving. YouTube is full of free workouts of all sorts (HIIT, yoga, Zumba, you name it!). One of our favorite workouts to do is @alessiasculpt's.

Host a virtual dinner party.

Just because you can't have people over for dinner, doesn't mean you can't have dinner with the people you love. Pre-plan a night where you and your friends log onto Zoom and cook the same recipe. Then, enjoy each other's company virtually.

Schedule a closet clean-out with friends.

Since you're spending so much time at home, you might as well do a healthy purge of items you no longer need. Video chat a friend and help each other decide what you'll actually wear in a post-COVID world, and what you could do without. You might even want to swap some items. It's like cleaning and shopping at the same time.

Pick up food from your local restaurant.

Delivery is great but most delivery apps take a hefty cut on restaurant's profits when you order through them. Ordering from a restaurant for pickup will be an excuse to get outside and move around, while simultaneously supporting the small businesses in your area. Pairs perfectly with that Netflix movie or show you've saved for the weekend.

Save new movies/TV shows you want to watch.

After a workday, it's nice to sit down and watch some Netflix. However, you should try and save some of the shows you're looking forward to for weekends only. It'll give you something to be excited about. It's kind of like the 2021 version of going to the movie theatres.

Reserve weekends for grocery shopping.

There are not many opportunities to get out of the house other than buying essentials. Try scheduling your grocery runs on weekends so it actually feels like an excursion (and maybe even pick up a special treat or dessert while you're at it).

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