4 Essentials For Travelling Safely During COVID-19

4 Essentials For Travelling Safely During COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases on the decline and restrictions loosening in most parts of the world, we're starting to welcome travel back once again. Loved ones are being reunited, the travel and & hospitality industries are seeing a big boom, and many are excited to (safely) explore other parts of the world again.

That said, travel most certainly looks a little different now than it did pre-pandemic. It's important to take precautions while travelling, regardless of your vaccination status. If you're thinking of booking a flight or planning a trip in the near future, it's important you spend a bit more time preparing than you're used to.

We've rounded up a quick list of must-haves that will make your travels feel a bit safer and more comfortable. 

1. A moisturizing hand sanitizer you'll actually want to use. 

Anyone else tired of having dry, cracked hands from using hand sanitizers that smell like tequila? Enter Dom. Dom is on a mission to create hand sanitizer that is both effective and gentle on your skin. Formulated using familiar ingredients like aloe, lavender, and rosemary, Dom sanitizing spray combines organic ingredients with an effective clean. Their hand sanitizing sprays are organic, medical-grade, free-from, sustainable, locally-created, minimalist, and most importantly, actually smell and feel really really good. The bonus to them is that the bottles are also super cute and come in full and travel sizes! Grab a few bottles here.

2. A protective, comfortable, and self-cleaning face mask. 

Virtually all airports still have mask mandates in place, so regardless of your vaccination status, you'll have to keep wearing your mask (for now, anyway). You'll want one that's protective and effective, but also comfortable (for those long flights). If you haven't yet tried our X-STATIC masks, you'll definitely want to grab a set for your next trip. Not only are these masks super comfortable and mould well to your face, they are also made with X-STATIC® silver yarn, which is 99.9% silver yarn. This yarn is self-cleaning and kills 90% of bacteria within 10 minutes and 99% within 2 hours. Grab a set here. It also comes in a kids' version

3. A neck pillow that will keep you comfortable and safe. 

Since we're trying to minimize contact with surfaces, gone are the days where leaning on the window or putting your face on the collapsible tray to take a quick snooze is acceptable. Finding a good neck pillow is not only more comfortable and ergonomic, but also keeps your face and head away from unsanitized surfaces. We personally love the Ostrich pillow, but you can get lots of other good ones online or even at the airport. 

4. An extra-long phone/device charging cord. 

If you don't have one of these already, be prepared for it to change your life. As if it wasn't hard enough to find a spot near a plug to charge your devices, you'll now notice that some of the seats at the gates are taped off to maintain social distancing. By getting a 10ft long charger (or longer if you can find one), you will never have to worry about finding a spot near a plug! They're also awesome for everyday life and we promise you'll get good use out of it even post-pandemic. You can get one on Amazon here.


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