6 Need To Know WFH Tips

6 Need To Know WFH Tips

We work from home now. It’s what we’ve been doing, it’s what we will be doing, and who knows, maybe it’s here to stay forever. Many offices have been built for optimal productivity and ergonomical purposes. I don’t know about you, but my tiny Toronto apartment wasn’t exactly designed with a worldwide pandemic and indefinite WFH lifestyle in mind. 

The world has changed; and the way we style or situate our homes will have to change with it. Working from home can be tough. Some people are working from their beds, kitchen tables, couches...etc. To help, we’ve compiled a list of ways to design an effective and productive work space in your home. 

A Chair That’s Comfortable, But Not TOO Comfortable

You’re likely going to be sitting in this chair all day, or at least for most of it. It’s important to find a chair that won’t break your back, but also won’t put you to sleep. If you don’t have space for a new chair, try finding a memory foam cushion for an already existing one.

Some chairs we found that might suit you:

Mesh Back Chair

Mid Mod Fabric Chair

Langfjall Chair

Link to memory foam cushions.

Stationery Is Key

It’s great to have everything organized on your desktop, but sometimes things come up and you’ve just got to jot it down. It’s also said that physically writing things out helps you to remember them better in the long term. Let’s face it, it never hurts to have an aesthetic note pad and some pens on your desk. Think of it as functional decor. 

Cute stationery you might like:

Gold Clipboard Note Pad

Let’s Do This Note Pad

Leather Pocket List Pad

The More Natural Lighting, The Better

There’s nothing worse than working in a dark room. Your daily serotonin intake is important. Ideally, sit in the most naturally lit area of your house to catch some rays. If you don’t have big windows, try switching your light bulbs to LED or invest in a HappyLight

Introduce Calming Smells

You just feel more at ease with some nice aromas flowing through the air. Scented candles or diffusers will do the trick. Be sure to choose something that isn’t too potent, but noticeable enough to boost your mood. 

Some of our favourite scents:

Ginger Pumpkin Spice

Blue Volcano

Mahogany Teakwood

Tons Of Power

You have a lot of devices going at once. Avoiding one of your gadgets failing is ideal. Realistically, homes (especially apartments) are never built with enough outlets; or so it seems. Save yourself some headaches, and purchase a power bar. That way, you'll always have space for another charger, light, or cord to plug into. Click here to purchase one. 

Blue Light Glasses

If you already have glasses, you might want to think about adding the blue light protection to your lenses. If you’ve been lucky enough to make your way through life without glasses thus far, then you might want to protect yourself from straining your eyes any further. We look at screens all day, and you can bet that there are or will be side effects. Ever feel that little pain behind your eyes? headaches? Insomnia? It’s likely from staring at screens. Blue light glasses help deter all of those side effects. Checkout some cute options here.

We know adjusting to this WFH lifestyle hasn’t been easy. We congratulate you for getting this far and wish you the best of luck as you continue navigating this new world from home. Stay safe! 

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