The Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift: Braless Solutions for Backless and Strapless Dresses

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift: Braless Solutions for Backless and Strapless Dresses

When it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses, strapless, backless and low-back dresses are all the rage this season. However, finding the perfect bra to go with these dresses can be a real challenge. We all want to achieve a seamless and supported look without our bra straps ruining all the photos. This is where Threads comes in with our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies and Lifting Breast Tape, ensuring that all of your bridesmaids can relax knowing their ✨girls✨ will have the support they need on your big day!

Seamless Coverage: Introducing our Invisible, Reusable Nipple Stickies

For those seeking a braless option that provides discreet coverage, our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies are the perfect solution! These stickies are designed to be invisible under clothing while providing a smooth, seamless look. Made with hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone, they offer a seamless and personally tailored fit, letting you confidently wear your backless or strapless dress without worrying about unwanted attention. Our nipple covers come in 4 different tone matching shades and are sweatproof, waterproof, and reusable, so they can handle whatever your big day throws at them!


Lift and Support for Braless Confidence: Introducing Our Lifting Breast Tape

We understand that everyone’s body is different and that some women desire additional lift and support when going braless. This is where our Lifting Breast Tape comes into play! A reliable alternative to traditional bras, it provides a lifted and enhanced look without compromising on comfort. Our Lifting Breast Tape is discreet, easy to apply, and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences: simply adjust your bust into place, then apply the tape to secure the position. With Threads’ Lifting Breast Tape, you can confidently rock any backless or strapless dress while feeling supported. Check out this video on how to properly remove our Lifting Breast Tape to avoid irritation for those with sensitive skin types: here.

Not all bra alternatives are created equal, especially when it comes to women with a larger bust. In terms of backless and strapless dresses, going braless no longer means compromising on support, comfort, or style. Give your bridesmaids the gift of comfort and personalized support with Threads this wedding season!🤍 

The best part? You save when you buy these products together! The perfect duo is available as a bundle. Give your bridesmaids the support they need while they support you through this magical experience (without breaking the bank 😉)!

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