How to Wear Hosiery: College Edition

How to Wear Hosiery: College Edition

College is a time of growth, exploration, and opportunity - but no one ever talks about how your personal style plays into this. Whether you’re trying to smooth your transition into the corporate world or just figuring out what to wear to class that isn’t sweatpants, your new fashion choices are an under-discussed struggle of adulting. 

Don’t worry though! We’re here to help. There’s no mistaking just how important your outfit can be when it comes to nailing that presentation, or landing that internship. With a little sprinkle of hosiery, you can immediately go from casual to business professional. 

So let’s talk about some of the different ways you can use hosiery to elevate your college fits and boost your confidence walking into any professional setting.

Lecture Hall and Presentations

Book bag? ✔ 

Laptop?  ✔

Favorite pair of sheer black tights?  ✔

While hosiery might not be top of mind before a big presentation, let me tell you why it should be: if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you’ll perform at your best. It’s really that simple! Plus, there’s no better way to show your professor that you take the class seriously than by showing up in a corporate-worthy outfit. 

So basically, don’t be shy about adding sheer tights under your favorite skirt, dress, or even shorts. If you’re dressed like the class is important, you’ll try harder, learn more, and maybe even manifest a better grade. On a lighter note… even if the classroom isn't a fashion contest, we guarantee a little hosiery would win you “Best Dressed in Economics 101.”

Clubs and Societies 

Some of your fondest memories of college are guaranteed to come from the clubs you joined, the friends you met there, and the shared experiences that happened without the weight of your GPA hanging over your head. 

The most meaningful part of being in a club is meeting mentors and even becoming a mentor yourself. So yes, enjoy passing on the freshman initiation tradition, but once that’s over, consider how you can set a mentor-worthy example. Part of this means presenting yourself in the best way possible – that's where hosiery comes in. 
Fundraising banquet? Wear a dress with nude pantyhose. Hiring a new club rep? Skirt, heels, and tights that match your skin tone. Interviewing to be club co-chair? Sheer contour tights and a midi skirt. We promise that nothing will be more memorable than sharing the experience of being the best dressed in the room with your friends and mentors!


Interviews and Internships

While it may go without saying that you must “dress to impress” at an interview, what does this really mean? Does business casual look different from business professional? Are jeans ever appropriate? The answer to both those questions is (usually!) no. 

So put your jeans back in your closet and instead pull out your trusty pair of black tights. The perfect replacement for your “professional jeans,” these tights are the subtle touch that keep you comfortably in both the “business professional” and “business casual” realms.

Once you land that internship, your first few days can be pretty nerve-wracking, and the last thing you should be stressing about is your outfit. Just like the right pair of pantyhose can help set the tone of your interview, adding hosiery to your work-fits can solve your daily “what should I wear?!” dilemma. 

To be clear, we aren’t recommending you only put on a pair of tights and call it a day. What we mean is that adding some legwear (and the right accessories) to a cute dress can help you change the vibe from “summer festival” to “I belong on Wall Street.” Now swap out your sandals for wedge heels, add nude tights under your dress, style it with some jewelry, and head into the office!


Bonus: Hosiery On a Night Out 

If getting ready with your friends and then hitting the bars is how you love to spend your weekends… psst, hosiery is the secret ingredient you’re missing. Just imagine how much cuter your outfits would be with a pair of stockings underneath. You can add some knee-high stockings to your favourite boots to spice up any outfit. For a sexy-but-covered look, try pairing sheer tights with a leather skirt. If you want to show more leg, thigh-highs with a short skirt are perfect for flashing a little lace on the dance floor! 

And P.S., if this sounds like a terrible idea because every pair of pantyhose you’ve owned has ripped, and every pair of stockings you’ve tried fell down, then you haven’t tried Threads. Check out our knee-high socks (bonus points for the light compression on these that will keep your legs fresh and fit all night long!) and our thigh-high stockings for your next night out! 



All in all, it’s pretty obvious that adding hosiery to your college wardrobe can only bring good grades, happy memories, and job success! Remember that confidence is contagious, and professionalism is admired (especially in student environments!), so make sure to grab a pair of Threads’ durable and comfortable tights for your next presentation, formal event, or internship. Not sure where to start? We’d recommend the black sheer contour tights.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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