International Women's Day: Advice From Female Founders

International Women's Day: Advice From Female Founders

As a brand, we're proud to be a woman-owned business that provides opportunity to self-identifying females in the workplace. We're lucky to work with many women-owned retailers in the industry and wanted to provide a platform for their wisdom to be heard. So, in honour of International Women's Day, we forwarded a handful of thoughtful questions to some of our female-owned retail partners. They share their advice, thoughts, and opinions in the answers below.

What's advice you'd give to other women just starting to carve their own path in business?

"My advice is this — stay true to yourself and your craft, and don’t be afraid to be different. Own being a stand out!" - Chai Swinton: Body by Chai

"I think the most important advice is to be tenacious and believe in your ideas.  Make a Business Plan and stick with it!" - Lida Lisney: Inside Story

"The number one piece of advice we'd give any other woman who may be at the start of entrepreneurship or is planning on it is to get out of your comfort zone and your head. Carving out a path in business requires risk taking, consistency, confidence and the support of other like minded individuals!" - Helene Delince: The Fitting Curve

"YOU are what sets you apart. No matter what industry you are in, if you care about it that shows, and how YOU show up in that role or industry shows. If you are starting something where you feel there is a lot of saturation just know that the way you do it and the way you show up will be different and can make that difference when competing in a market. I would also say make friends with those who inspire you." - Jess: The Modern Bride 

"Believe in yourself. No matter what field you go into, believe in your worth and the value that you bring, especially if your chosen path has traditionally been a male dominant field. Do not be afraid to bring your own uniqueness to everything you do. This is what will set you apart." - Donna: The Modern Bride

What's something another female professional has done that inspired or influenced your career path?

"Take risks. When my daughter Jess founded TMB almost 10 years ago she took a huge risk. Her confidence allowed her to move towards her goals without letting thoughts of failure discourage her. As co-owner and CFO of TMB, taking risks is something that I learned from her. You must take risks in order to be successful. It doesn't mean that you are not going to make mistakes or have setbacks but your confidence allows you to overcome the challenges. If you believe in your dreams you can figure it out as you go." - Donna: The Modern Bride

"We love that women are inherently problem solvers! A few of the brands that we carry in our boutique were created by women coming up with a solution to a specific issue within the lingerie industry. Over the years, witnessing the ingenuity of women professionals in an industry so heavily influenced by men has influenced our desire to have our own solution based products!" - Helene Delince: The Fitting Curve

"Susan Nethero, a bra-fitter from NYC, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2008.  This was a recession year and everyone was nervous.  She showed, on live TV, the difference a proper fitting bra can make on a woman by using Before and After real women.  It became my best year ever - I decided not to ever let bad news (recession, covid) stop me from pursuing my career and thinking out of the box." - Lida Lisney: Inside Story

"All female entrepreneurs that I know have inspired me for one (but very impactful) reason: They have persevered. Not only through Covid, but through tumultuous times, in a world full of naysayers (and men)! They have all been through many ups and downs, but have continued to do what they love in all of their respective businesses." - Chai: Body By Chai

"I would have to say that my mother has always inspired and influenced my career path. I have spent my life growing up watching her do just about anything (professionally and personally) and I would say it has given me a complex that I can do anything (even if I can't), but it has also given me the courage to try regardless." - Jess: The Modern Bride


Why do you think we need more women in leadership roles?

"Women need to be in leadership simply because it’s about time. It’s about time for us to be recognized in a world where men have historically “managed” the world." - Chai: Body By Chai

"Because we are resourceful. We often bring a big picture solution and a creative action plan." - Jess: The Modern Bride

"It's imperative that we have more women in leadership roles to continue making sure that there is Equity in the workforce. Sadly, this still isn't the case in 2023. That's why we need to keep supporting women and forging on for fair treatment in all areas of the workplace. " - Lida Lisney: Inside Story

"More women is always needed in leadership roles to bridge the gap of inequity. When we're included and leading in spaces that women aren't usually, it creates more room for opportunity and growth. We think that it's been proven time and time again that having more women in leadership roles is beneficial for everyone!" - Stephanie Vincent: The Fitting Curve

"Women have a unique perspective. Their ability to see the working world from all angles allows them to focus on many different aspects of developing future leaders. Business is no longer just about the bottom line. It is about the quality of life you provide for your team as well as for your clients. Women can set strong examples of how to lead with your head and your heart. Our TMB team of women are so inspiring to me and they all lead in their own ways within their roles." - Donna: The Modern Bride


What do you find to be effective ways to counteract negative stereotypes about women in the workplace?

"Live outside of those stereotypes. Be the difference that you want to see in the workplace. We are fortunate to have an all women team at TMB but I have worked in many male dominant fields in my career. The best thing you can do is not buy into it. Be better by knowing your worth and realizing that if you bring your best everyday, your contribution will counteract any negative stereotype." - Donna: The Modern Bride

"Counteracting negative stereotypes about women in the workplace can be a balancing act. We believe being actively vocal for yourself and others is a truly effective way to combat the negativity." - Stephanie Vincent: The Fitting Curve

"By just doing it better. That may sound arrogant but people notice when a job is getting done and if it is exceeding expectations. Don't shy away from presenting an idea or bringing it up for the millionth time. I think in the end perseverance is a greater compliment to work ethic than expectation. People may have stereotypes and expectations about women in the workplace but that makes proving them wrong all the better." - Jess: The Modern Bride

"In my particular environment, it's important to treat everyone the same and not make comments on a person's looks or body.  EveryBODY is different, unique and beautiful.  If someone says something offside, it needs to be called out and spoken about.  Generationally, there are differences, and those differences need to be educated. Having conversations is important." - Lida Lisney: Inside Story

"The most effective way to counteract negative stereotypes is by being unapologetic about being an expert in your field, and not being afraid to be loud and proud about it. State your facts and your truth, and you will be unstoppable." - Chai: Body By Chai


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