4 Industries That Have Proven To Be Pandemic Proof

4 Industries That Have Proven To Be Pandemic Proof

When the pandemic hit, a lot of people found themselves out of a job. First, it was temporary layoffs, then downsizing, then closures. The pattern sparked a new thought process in the modern day employee. Will this job I'm applying for still exist if X, Y, or Z happens?

It's a sad truth that a lot of people have come to learn. The path of life they chose, while it may have been fruitful in a "normal" world, will no longer suffice. Trending Google searches world wide include phrases like: "What job can survive a global pandemic?", "Where's the nearest unemployment office?", and "Ways to make money during a pandemic". The world feels the same stress and we're going to make note of some industries have been surviving or thriving in 2020.

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Professional Cleaning Services

It may not come as a shock to you, but workers within the sanitation industry have managed to sustain themselves. In fact, they're having record years. When you think about every business that is trying to remain open, a big necessity is ensuring the safety of customers. This means regular cleanings and the purchase of extra sanitation products.

The fear of COVID-19 alone, has urged people to make cleaning services a part of the regular monthly budget and that's likely not changing anytime soon. The industry has also seen a rise in homeowners allocating more money towards hiring cleaning services as well. If you're a self starter and looking for some income, maybe freelance cleaning services is the move for you right now.

Games & Activities

The last thing anyone wants to be is bored. So it makes sense that the games industry saw a 30% increase in sales between April and June. People wanted things to do with their partners, to occupy their children, and keep themselves busy. For any creatives out of a job, this may be the industry for you. That said, brands that make games also need brand managers, a human resources team, factory workers...etc.

Check out our interview with JIGGY Founder, Kaylin Marcotte, here.

Finances & Insurance

86.9% of businesses in Finance and Insurance did not have to layoff or close their doors in 2020. In today's world, that's a miracle industry. At the end of the day, everyone keeps their money somewhere. On top of that, it's literally the law to hold insurance for some things, and just very recommended for others. Therefore, there will always be jobs available in this industry. Some positions don't even require degrees. An online license is achievable and the salaries can be more than rewarding. This would be a safe and more predictable avenue if that's what you're looking for.

Management Consulting

These companies administer, oversee, and manage other businesses, including organizational planning and decision making. Almost 40% of businesses like investment firms reported having a healthy amount of cash flow and almost 30% declared making over $500,000 in revenue in their last month. They also saw increases in the number of employees and the number of hours they worked. If you see a position available in this industry, take it!

We understand it's a stressful time for many. If you're currently in the market for a job, we wish you all the best!

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