3 Clothing Items That Are The Epitome Of “Power-Casual”

3 Clothing Items That Are The Epitome Of “Power-Casual”

Whether you’re working from home or making your way into the office, your calendar is probably a mix of important meetings, scheduled relaxation time, and a handful of Zoom calls.

Introducing power-casual fashion, the new age way of styling #OOTDs that are not just comfortable, but office approved. They’re outfits that make you feel your best and are also easy to wear. No, they aren’t oversized hoodies and leggings, but a way of dressing that compliments an "on-the-go" (aka more realistic) lifestyle.

Here are the 3 items that every power-casual dresser should own: 

Sweater Dresses

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sweater dress. They’re warm, easily look professional, and feel like a continuous hug. When the weather is getting the best of me, I tend to reach for cozier options. A sweater dress like the one linked here, is perfectly acceptable for any meetings you may have, but are also comfortable enough to wear while watching some Netflix on the couch.

Style Tip : Add some bulkier accessories or a turtleneck underneath to dress it up.

Cotton Pants

You’d be shocked at how elevated you can make an outfit look with some cotton pants. I’m not talking about the pants you wear to bed (although these are so comfy that you could), I’m talking about a well-structured and wide-leg style pant. They’re ideal for any busy lifestyle. They move with you, but also have the ability to look professional when paired with a simple blouse and the right shoes. We found styles we LOVE here.


Let’s be real...if we don’t have to wear pants, we don’t want to. There are so many alternative outfits you can piece together with a classic pair of sheer or opaque tights. T-shirt and sweater dress combos are amongst the most flexible, but you can also throw them under a pair of pants (in the event you have to wear them) for extra comfort. Click here to check out some high quality tights at an affordable price. 

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