Elevate Your Graduation and Prom Look with Threads' Essentials

Elevate Your Graduation and Prom Look with Threads' Essentials

Graduation and prom season is all about making lasting memories and looking your absolute best. At Threads, we understand the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in your outfit. Our range of products, including Invisible Reusable Nipple Covers, Lifting Breast Tape, and Contour Lift Shorts, are designed to help you achieve that effortless look. Plus, our "Bra Alternatives Bundle" offers a great deal when you purchase the Nipple Covers (Nipple Stickies) and Breast Tape together, ensuring you’re fully prepared for your big day.

Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies

When and Why to Use Them: Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies are a must-have for any outfit that doesn’t work well with a traditional bra. Whether you’re wearing a strapless, backless, or sheer dress, these stickies provide a seamless and natural look. They cover your nipples discreetly and ensure there are no visible lines, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event without any wardrobe worries.


  • Reusable: Each pair can be used up to 30 times, making them a cost-effective solution for multiple occasions.
  • Comfortable: Made from high-quality, skin-friendly silicone, these stickies ensure comfort throughout the day and night.
  • Versatile: Perfect for any outfit that requires discreet coverage and a smooth finish.

Lifting Breast Tape

When and Why to Use It: Our Lifting Breast Tape is perfect for those daring dresses with plunging necklines, tricky cutouts, or any outfit that demands a bit of lift without the constraints of a traditional bra. This tape provides the support and lift you need, ensuring a flattering and natural shape.


  • Customizable Support: You can cut and apply the tape according to your desired lift and shape, providing personalized support.
  • Invisible and Secure: The tape is designed to stay in place, giving you the freedom to dance and move without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Water-Resistant: Perfect for staying comfortable and secure, even if your event gets a bit hot.

Pro Tip: Combine the stickies and tape for the ultimate solution – you're lifted and covered, giving you confidence in any outfit.

Contour Lift Shorts

When and Why to Use Them: For those looking to enhance their silhouette, our Contour Lift Shorts are the perfect addition to your graduation or prom ensemble. They provide a smooth, contoured look under any dress, ensuring you feel confident and lifted from every angle.


  • Sleek Silhouette: These shorts lift your butt and provide slight stomach compression, giving you a flattering, hourglass figure.
  • Comfortable Fit: Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, and strong boning, they ensure you stay comfortable throughout your event, without worries about any rolling down.
  • Versatile: Ideal for form-fitting dresses or gowns that highlight your curves.

Styling Tips for Graduation and Prom

  • Graduation: Opt for a classic white dress and ensure a smooth and invisible finish paired with our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies for a smooth finish under your cap and gown.
  • Prom: Opt for a bold backless or strapless gown. Use our Lifting Breast Tape to achieve a lifted, supported look without a bra, and enhance your silhouette with our Contour Lift Shorts for that perfect hourglass figure.

At Threads, we’re dedicated to helping you look and feel your best on your special day. Shop our range of hosiery and intimates and discover the perfect undergarments for your graduation and prom outfits. Here’s to looking fabulous and celebrating in style!

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