We Asked Five People What They Love About Threads Nipple Stickies And Here Are The Results

Threads Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies

One of our favourite things to do is read the reviews on our products from all our amazing loyal customers, but now we want to share what the team at Threads loves most about our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies. There are so many reasons to love our new stickies, it is almost too hard to narrow it down, but we decided to share with you our most favourite features and ways to style them. Interested to read what six people who work at Threads love the most about their Threads Nipple Stickies? Keep reading…

Threads Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies

"My fave thing is how they go well with almost everything I own. They are the piece in my closet I wear the most during the summer (pretty much every day). Makes travelling so easy because I just bring a pair of the stickies instead of a different type of bra for each outfit." - Xenia

"My favourite thing is that I can finally wear all the tops and dresses that were collecting dust because I hated how they looked with a bra!" Becca

"Not going to lie I was a firm non-believer of nipple stickies because ones I've had in the past always slipped down my chest or showed through my tops. After testing our nipple stickies before launch day I was soooo impressed! I love that these blend seamlessly into my skin and actually stick regardless of what I'm doing. I've also had no issues re-wearing them multiple times so I would say these are a 10/10!!" - Taylor

"My favourite thing is that they are sweatproof!! Any other sticky bra I have tried falls off so I can finally feel confident when wearing just these stickies! " -Lindsay

"My favourite thing about the stickies is that they are seamless and don't show through my shirts! When I wear a strapless beige bra with my white tank tops, my bra is still showing through the fabric. But with the stickies, it looks like I have nothing underneath while hiding the nipple." - Chelsea




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