The Evolving World of Fashion: Interview With Roman Sipe, Founder of Menagerié

The Evolving World of Fashion: Interview With Roman Sipe, Founder of Menagerié

MENAGERIÉ Intimates offers luxury underwear, nightwear, and swimwear designed exclusively for the male form. They are an industry leader in the concept of "Men’s Lingerie". With a focus on male sensuality, body positivity, and introducing the idea of bringing beauty and adornment to men’s fashion by creating a new luxury experience.

Roman Sipe is the founder whom oversees every stage of each garment's production. He has worked as a stylist for celebrities, brands, commercial, and editorial productions for nearly a decade. He always effectively and efficiently brings the vision his clients have to fruition. We had the chance to talk to him about upcoming themes in the world of fashion, his creative process, and exciting opportunities on the horizon.

What made you want to start Menagerié?

I’ve been working in the Fashion Industry for nearly a decade prior to starting MENAGERIÉ. My main gig for the majority of this time has been Styling. However, I also dabbled in marketing, creative direction, fashion editing, model casting, men’s grooming, and fashion design. 

After a while, I grew tired of working as a stylist full time and decided I needed to figure out what was next for me. With this range of experience, plus a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance it just seemed obvious that I should start a fashion brand. I figured with a brand I would be able to put all my experience to work. 

In 2015, after participating in the stylist competition show “The Next Style Star” and ultimately winning, I decided it was finally time. I took winnings and began developing MENAGERIÉ. 

I felt male apparel market was missing a leader in luxury underwear and loungewear. At the time there wasn’t anything available for my specific taste. Everything I could find was either too basic or too flamboyant and seemed to have limited range. 


Do you feel like the idea of gender roles in fashion is changing?

Gender is now a spectrum of non-conforming identities. While there are many new fashion brands, and a handful of larger ones, that are beginning to reflect this. However, I think it will be some time before non-conformist fashion hits mainstream.I believe the fashion the industry is finally realizing that the heteronormative approach to fashion is dated… and that’s a start. 


Fashion is always changing. What do you expect to be the next "big thing”?

can’t really say what I expect to be the next big thing… but I know what “I hope.”

I really hope inclusivity and sustainability continue to grow within the Fashion industry. Designers and Brand have made some incredible leaps over the past years, and I just hope we continue to build in these areas, and that it isn’t just a phase. 

Also, I hope that people start to gravitate back towards luxury and quality goods vs. the trendy “fast fashion”. When I say “Luxury” I’m referring to quality items made with better materials. Circling back to sustainability, consumers need to understand the difference between items that are meant to last, and items they will have disregarded after a few washes. I hope that consumers start educating themselves on what well-made goods are and that they start seeking more value-added products to save more money in the long run. 


Congrats on your new role for Cosabella and Journelle! Can you tell us a bit more about it and what your vision is for the two brands in the future? 


 I am now the “Creative Director of Menswear” at Cosabella and Journelle. My role at both brands focuses on leading the growth and development of the men’s / “male form” categories. Both brands want to deeply understand the world and how things are shifting when it comes to gender in fashion. My vision is that Cosabella and Journelle are prepared with both product and a deep understanding of the diverse demographic that is to come. 


Who are your muses when it comes to designing?

I think I have always been and will always be my biggest muse.


What is something you wish you would have known when you started out in fashion?

Honestly, I’m very happy with my fashion journey. When I first started my brand, I may have wished to have studied fashion design, pattern making, or sewing. However, I soon understood that as a brand owner I really wouldn’t be doing much of these tasks. Now I enjoy working directly with artists formally trained in these areas and learning a bit as I go. 

 Besides this I think I knew from the jump that this was an industry full of crazies and that it would not be easy at all… But it's EVERYTHING!


Anything else you'd like to tell us? 

Well, there is one thing I am very excited about and would love to share… but you’re just going to have to wait and see! <3


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