How To Refocus On Your Goals Halfway Through 2021

How To Refocus On Your Goals Halfway Through 2021

Well...we've made it to the half way mark. It's pretty hard to believe, but we've already been through six months of 2021. It has strangely flown by, which tends to stress people out when thinking about annual goals. Don't stress, you still have plenty of time to work towards all the things you wish to accomplish. If you feel like you need to refocus, now is the perfect time to do so. Especially with restrictions being lifted, it may be a great time to grab a pen and some paper and start crafting a career bucket list. 

To help you out, we're giving you some examples of goals you can put on your career bucket list for the remainder of 2021. 


1. Start a side hustle you’re excited about.

There are a few reasons why side hustles are awesome to have (aside from the potential to earn some extra cash). They keep you busy. In the event you are feeling unfulfilled, your side hustle is always something you can go back to. Bonus: it can even turn into your full time gig eventually!


2. Take advantage of mentorships.

Finding a mentor.

No matter your age, what position you're in, or what career path you choose to take, having a mentor can always be beneficial. Everyone can use a little guidance once in awhile and having someone to help you learn and grow can do you good. They can provide insight, allow you space to vent, and potentially help you find new opportunities. 

Check out this article to hear how Monday Girl is helping women connect with potential mentors. 

Becoming a mentor.

Giving back is important. If you've been mentored by someone, you know how valuable it can be. In turn, it's nice to become that source of guidance for someone else. You'll also be surprised how much you can learn from mentoring another individual. 

4. Re-evaluate work-life boundaries.

We all think that moving up in our careers or becoming an expert in our field has to do with our work, the time we put into it, and how well we network; BUT you can run yourself into the ground before you even get to the next step if you don't have healthy work-life boundaries. Finding this should be a priority because it can be the thing that rejuvenates you enough to keep going! 

We wrote an article about finding healthy work-life boundaries here


6. Brainstorm possible career moves.

Hopefully you love your current position and the path you're on, but it never hurts to inquire about other positions, industries and opportunities. Something might jump out at you that you never considered, but may love to do down the road. It's also nice to make sure you're not boxing yourself into one thing. You have the ability to be/do whatever you want! 


7. Invest in yourself

In order for you to crush your goals, it's important you give yourself some love. Investing in yourself could mean a number of things. This will vary depending on your needs and goals. It could mean going back to school, enrolling in therapy, getting active, or committing to going to bed earlier. Whatever you need, give it to yourself in 2021, and you may be surprised how much your career will benefit as a result. 


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