How TF do I use Breast Tape?

How TF do I use Breast Tape?

You’ve probably heard of breast tape (or boob tape) before and maybe you’re curious about it. What the heck is it and how do I use it? Why are wardrobe stylists obsessed with it? Is it even necessary? This post will outline what breast tape is, and cover some of your most commonly asked questions, such as: how to find the perfect tape, how to use it, how to comfortably remove it.

Breast tape is a self-adhesive product that is designed to support (and lift!) your breasts, most often in place of a traditional bra. It’s a great alternative to traditional bras, as it gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to necklines and different cuts in clothes. Not to mention…it also gives you the opportunity for a bit of a lift! It usually comes in rolls or pre-cut strips. If you’re traveling, bringing a roll of breast tape is a lot more suitcase-friendly than bringing several different bras. 

“How do I choose the right breast tape?”

Finding the right tape is a matter of personal preference. When the Threads team polled 200 people, we found that most people are looking for the following things:

  • They want the tape to stay and wear for a long period of time: We definitely don’t want the tape to be slipping off mid-wear. Stickiness is key!
  • Wide coverage: Many tapes on the market are not wide enough, thus needing many strips for coverage during one application.
  • Won’t irritate your skin and easy removal: Make sure to check if the tape is hypoallergenic and made with medical grade nylon and adhesive.

We designed our Lifting Breast Tape to make sure it checks all these boxes! For more info on them, check them out here.

“How do I apply breast tape?”

To maximize adhesion, make sure your skin is dry and clean. This means no lotions or oil (even self tanner can affect adhesion). If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you perform a test patch to check for any potential allergic reactions. We also recommend using nipple covers with your tape to protect your nipples and the sensitive area around them. We highly recommend our Invisible Reusable Nipple Stickies! Or better yet - check out our bundle.

To figure out where to place your tape to achieve the ideal lift and support, follow these steps:

  1. First, determine the ideal position and level of lift you want, considering the neckline of the shirt or dress you’re wearing. Stand in front of a mirror and experiment with different placements to find the best look. 
  2. Cut the length of tape (or use pre-cut strips). You can check out a few ideas of placement in the graphic at the bottom of this article. 
  3. Lift one breast and hold it in place with one hand, and apply the tape with the other hand. Apply the tape from the outside, moving inward.  
  4. Repeat the process with the additional strips. Overlapping pieces of tape will increase support and lift. 
  5. If you're happy with the symmetry after applying the tape, feel free to press down and trim as needed. 

“How do I remove breast tape?”

We recommend slowly removing the tape, first by loosening the edges and then peeling away. Feel free to use an oil (baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil all work great) to help soften the adhesive. Simply dab on the oil on the top of the tape, massage in a bit, and then remove the tape. Once the tape is removed, we recommend cleansing the area with warm water and soap to remove residue. 

We hope this was informative and helpful. Think you'd like to give breast tape a try? Check out our Lifting Breast Tape!

If you have any other questions, either about breast tape in general or our Lifting Breast Tape, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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