4 Items We'll Never Wear Again After Quarantine

4 Items We'll Never Wear Again After Quarantine

I recently did something out of my comfort zone...I made plans with someone. After more than a year of staying home most of the time and enjoying the life of sweat pants and hoodies, I realized I kind of forgot how to get dressed?

I've always loved putting on nice clothes. It was never a struggle for me to piece together an outfit until I spent over 365 days in sweats. Although I'm not sure when, eventually life will go back to normal and I'll have to learn how to get done up again.

A year of quarantine has taught me some valuable lessons about what deserves to go on my body, and what probably never will again. When life starts to resemble what we lived pre-COVID, I’ll be dancing in the streets, popping champagne, and wearing none of these four things:

Underwire Bras

I've never been one to enjoy the push-up bra or thick breast cups. It's just not comfortable. The feeling of taking your bra off after a long day is literally amazing, but imagine never having to wear one again?

I found some great options that were soft, light, and made with the woman's comfort in mind. They will set the standard of undergarments when I go back to regular outings. Goodbye tight, chunky, uncomfortable bras.

Checkout my three go-to shops here: Aerie, La Vie en Rose, and Bravado Designs

Fitted Blazers

I love a good power suit on a woman, but there's absolutely no need to feel so stiff in rigid and tight fits. We can all thank Hailey Bieber for pointing out that the boyfriend blazer is where it's at. First of all, it's trendy right now. Additionally, you have some space to move around in and you don't feel constricted. It still gives you the power-casual aesthetic you want, without the the feeling of discomfort.

Whether you're headed into the office or looking for a fall/spring coat alternative, these shops have the boyfriend blazers you're looking for: Shopbop, Dynamite, and Good American

Skinny Jeans

You may have heard that there's a big debate on whether skinny jeans are out of style or not. Apparently, a lot of Gen Z thinks that you're "old" if you still wear skinny jeans (and have a side part). I don't totally agree with this, but I am definitely not the biggest fan of wearing them anymore.

There's just not enough room? I need stretchy bands and a wider pant leg to actually be comfortable. Luckily, the mom jean is in style and there are a ton of cute options out there. Check these ones out: Levi's, Garage, and Simons

High-High Heels

Remember throwing on a pair of ridiculously high heels for a night out? Yea...that's something I just can't see myself doing again. Don't get me wrong, I love adding a little height. I just can't justify wearing 6-inch stilts ever again. They're uncomfortable, hard to walk in, and are pretty expensive for the minimal amount of times you actually wear them.

A reliable, easy-to-wear, and versatile heel is definitely more my speed at this point. I found some adorable options that can dress-up any outfit, but are also reasonable enough to be your daily shoe of choice here: Ally Shoes, Steve Madden, and Aldo

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