3 Ways To Improve Your Home Using Old Tights

3 Ways To Improve Your Home Using Old Tights

Here at Threads, we’re committed to finding life hacks that support sustainable living. Although we only produce tights and masks, our products can be used for a variety of other activities in and around your home.  We’ve discovered uses in the beauty, craft, and fashion space, but today we’re going to show you how your old tights can be used as home improvement tools. 

Soap Bar Cover

Having a soap bar in a cute little dish by your sink can double as a useful and decorative item in your kitchen. However, the decor aspect goes out the window once the soap bar starts to chip. Cut the hosiery from the ankle and place your soap bar in the “foot”. Take a string or ribbon to tie at the top. 

Vacuum Filter

There is nothing worse than losing your favourite pair of earrings to your vacuum. We don’t invest in expensive vacuum cleaners to suck up our prize possessions. Used hosiery is the perfect solution to this problem. Cut a piece of your tights in a similar shape to the end of your vacuum. Slide it over the end of the vacuum tube and watch it pick up dirt, while filtering out bigger items. You’re welcome.

Garbage Bag Holder

Garbage cans haven’t exactly evolved within the past few decades. Why are the sides always hanging over like that? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally made a mess because the overflowing garbage bag caught my food instead of the actual can. This problem can be fixed by cutting the waistband off of your old tights and using it as a band around the top of your garbage can. Say bye Felicia to your overflowing garbage bag!

We hope these tips make your life a little bit easier and a little more sustainable.

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