Product Features

  • Double covered yarn
  • Contoured control top
  • Better leg length
  • Higher on the thigh
  • Reinforced toe
  • Double covered yarn

    “It’s frustrating when my tights cling to my clothes” 

    Made using double-covered yarn and have a smoother finish. Less likely to static and stick to your clothes.

  • Contoured control top

    “I love a good control top but hate how it flattens the whole area, including my bum”

    We couldn’t agree more. Our waistband hugs and firms up all the right areas and lifts your bum

  • Better leg length

    “Why do all the different sizes have the same leg length?”

    A more realistic leg length that actually corresponds to your size.

  • Higher on the thigh

    “I  dread the control top part of my tights showing when I wear shorter skirts”

    No more peekaboo wearing shorter dresses and shorts

  • Reinforced toe

    “I always get holes in the toe area”

    Barely there, invisible strength.

Care Instructions

Toss them in a laundry bag and wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang dry. Store away from direct sunlight.

Made in Italy

Pizza, wine and... hosiery

There are some things Italians just know how to do better.  Tights are one of them. 

We're proud to say that Threads are made by our factory partners in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy, also known as the global capital of hosiery. They've been at it since the 70's.  In other words? They're really good at what they do.

High-end tights, drugstore price

We think it’s crazy that many luxury tights brands charge a 5-10x markup. By going directly to the factory and cutting out the middlemen, we’re able to offer you the same tights at a fraction of the going price.

We keep our overhead costs low with our lean (but mighty) team.

We don’t use third-party retailers, thus avoiding their hefty markup.

Customer Reviews
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Alan P.
United States United States
Great tights

I was never a fan of control-top pantyhose so at first I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a pair of Threads. However after reading all of the reviews and seeing several from other men, I decided I would purchase a pair and see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Threads control-top is like a constant comforting hug as opposed to the usual compression squeeze of other brands. The legs of the hosiery are silky and durable. I've washed and worn my pair at least a half a dozen times and they still seem brand new. I definitely be purchasing more Threads in the future!

United States United States
Great tights for any occasion!!

Threads tights are comfortable, but with that said the top is a little snug, but they are made more for the female form! Wearing them all day they are comfortable and don't roll down or slip down and bunch up and they provide a great base layer. Threads also have an excellent price point by cutting out the middle man!! I would definitely recommend threads tights for anyone who wears tights!!.

United States United States
Amazing Hosiery

I've tried many brands of hosiery ranging from cheap to luxury and Threads has achieved a great balance in price and quality. The fit is excellent. Starting with the feet, they are fully-boarded so the feet are shaped which make the fit great and lessens the strain on the heal. The top is snug but not to tight. They do not slide down and the top doesn't roll down. The texture and color superb. The texture glides nicely under clothing. Lastly, after wearing several days in a row, I've not had any runs or snags so they are very durable. Highly recommend these durable, comfy, high-quality pantyhose!

United States United States
Comfy and great fit

So far fits great and is surprisingly comfy. So far cant beat the price and durability. Ordered largest size and was out of stock and got an email correspondence about it and ordered next size smaller instead. Happy I did. Thank you for the email and fast response.

United States United States
Champagne of Hosiery

I like to believe I am a connoisseur of hosiery and I must say the these tights are wonderful. They offer exceptional value and provide the same qualities of excellence as high end, high priced brands. Over the years I have tried almost every brand made. This hosiery experience is amazing. First was the fact that they arrived with a hand written card thanking me for my purchase of threads. Nicely done made me feel like a valued customer from the start. They also included idea cards for how my tights may be used Opening the package and removing these tights reminded me of other very high end Italian hosiery. when you slide them up your leg you can feel the quality and luxury of the yarns. They feel silky and sensuous and definitely set the tone for your day or evening. I highly recommend that you try these tights and I am certain that you will return for more just as I have. The only change I hope Threads makes is to offer more colors. Try these tights you will not regret it.

United States United States
Love these tights

I recently received my first monthly shipment of tights and I couldn't be more happy. The fit is excellent and the feel of the tights is also fantastic. They are very high quality and are great to wear.

Mitchell C.
United States United States
Great hosiery.

These are some really fine pantyhose. I am 6'4 and 200# and these fit great. They are super comfy and the control top is very nice. As a guy who tried many brands of hosiery, I will have to say that these are some of the best on the market. I bought 3 pairs and definitely recommend them.

Canada Canada

I’ve had a chance to wear my “threads” a few times now and I am blown away by the quality. The fit is superb – although the panty is “control top”, it fits perfectly without feeling restrictive. The nylon looks beautiful on my legs and the feel…out of this world! I can easily say that I have never worn another pair of tights that come even close to these. I purchased a pair of the opaque tights for my daughter and she is raving about their look and feel. She was actually seeking out skirts and dresses so that she could wear the tights again! They are very resilient. I snagged the top of the leg and expected to have a run. Nope! You can’t see any damage although I know a thread was pulled. Any other pair of tights and they would have been unusable. But not these! For a sheer hose, they are very surprisingly strong. Threads has created a product that is second-to-none. Congrats on bringing it to market and my very best (and personally selfish) wishes for continued success.

Canada Canada
Tights for a Non-Tight Wearer!

When the cold weather rolls in I usually opt for pants to keep warm - now that I always have a pair of Threads on hand I am reaching for my fun skirts and dresses far more often. These tights are so comfy, warm and make winter outfits a no brainer!

Ellen H.
Canada Canada
Best pair of tights I own!

I am so thrilled with my purchase! The tights are the perfect colour, texture, and I am obsessed with the contour top. Other tights have just never got that part right, where as Threads' contour top is literally spot on. It hugs in all the right places without making it feel like I can't breathe. Definitely worth the price!