How The Girls Of Euphoria Would Style Threads Tights

How The Girls Of Euphoria Would Style Threads Tights

HBO’s hit show Euphoria has widely taken over the internet by drawing fans in with its storylines of love interests, heartbreaks, and exaggerated version of high-school through a troubled teenagers eyes. One topic that viewers can’t stop raving about are its fashion moments and how daring and bold each character is with their outfit choices. Heidi Bivens, Euphoria's costume designer states that “careful planning and extensive sourcing go into the final costumes, yet they all feel rooted in today’s fashion trends", and we could not agree more! After binge watching season one and the premiere of season two we couldn't help but wonder-how would each Euphoria girl style a pair of Threads tights? Keep reading to find out! 


Jules Euphoria Tights Outfit

The character Jules has a very pop princess meets e-girl style. She would pair her neon 80’s inspired look with our tone matching tights, this way she can still remain comfortable in stockings that won’t take away from her bright and flashy outfit. 


Maddy Euphoria Tights Outfit

Maddy is the highschool queen bee and makes it known with her 90’s inspired looks. She would definitely wear our lace thigh high stockings because they compliment her spicy side and would guarantee she would be the most talked about person in any room she steps into.



Cassie Euphoria Tights Outfit

Two words that describe Cassie’s personality are feminine and flirty. She would 100% wear a pair of tights from our Nude Collection so that she could smooth out any imperfections on her legs, leaving her with a “flawless” look. 



Rue Euphoria Tights Outfit

The character Rue would never be caught dead in anything other than a plain pair of black bottoms. She would want to wear our Opaque tights tucked under her pants so that they aren’t actually seen, but are still helping her stay warm during her late night adventures. 


Kat Euphoria Tights Outfit

During season one Kat decides to change her look up and opt for more confident edgy pieces. She would pair our thigh highs with almost every outfit because they reflect her new sultry personality. 


Lexi Euphoria Tights Outfit

Lexi likes to give off a very polished persona, which is extremely opposite from her sister Cassie, which is why she reaches for more preppy looks. She would pair her outfit with our black sheer tights giving off a very put together look. 

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